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About us


Hi, I’m Sav! I'm born and raised in Winnipeg.

If you’ve ever met me you would know that I am always laughing and a little bit of a kultz!

I’m an Outreach worker, which is both high stress, yet rewarding. Gavin and I decided on Zen Essentials because I simply love essential oils!

In my spare time I love to play volleyball and go on walks. Finding balance with such a crazy life is sometimes hard but my mantra is “everything in moderation”! I sometimes have a hard time to relax but Gavin definitely helps remind me to enjoy the little things. I love to use essential oils after a long day to relax! My favorite way to use essential oils is in my diffuser or on my pillow before I fall asleep!


Hi, I'm Gavin

I was born in a small town outside of Winnipeg called La Broquerie.

One of my main qualities you would easily recognize is I love to talk with anyone. Seriously, ask Sav! Pick a topic and lets talk.

I work at a tech company focused on helping car dealerships during my day. I also own a performance shop dedicated to making cars faster & flashier, which is also a hobby of mine.

The idea of essential eils and other products that help people relax and relieve their stress, came about when I saw how much of a difference it was for Sav. As I work from home most of the time, I often have essential oils going in a diffuser in the background, which helps me keep a level mindset all day.