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Welcome to Zen Essentials

Canada's premium Essential Oil marketplace.

A new standard in quality

Zen Essentials is a small grass roots startup, that set out with three main focuses

Customer Satisfaction



Our goal is to deliver the highest quality products that help our customers in their search for Mental & Physical health. By allowing people to relieve stress and tension in their lives and relax with the scent of our soothing products. We aim for complete customer satisfaction.

  • Tea Tree

  • The smell of spring
  • Lavender

  • Lovely and Delicate
  • Eucalyptus

  • Your at home spa scent!
  • Winnipeg Based

  • We are a team of 2 and this is our grass roots startup!

Tea Tree

The smell of spring Shop


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Your at home spa scent! Shop

Winnipeg Based

We are a team of 2 and this is our grass roots startup!


Here at Zen we stand by our products. If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase we will be happy to refund your entire order, no questions asked.


I'm honestly been obsessed with them!

I use the tea tree one for after I clean the house or when it gets stuffy in here on a rainy day. I add 2 drops of lemon to it and I find it’s the perfect blend to purify the air 🌿🍋

The eucalyptus is probably my fav over all. I really love using that one before bed. I find that I get really congested every night because I have terrible sinuses and using it for the first few hours when I sleep really helps!

The best thing is they smell so natural and luxurious but they’re affordable AND local! 🥰


Zen Essential Oils are honestly amazing! I've been adding them to my diffuser each night to help me relax. My current favorite is the Lavender oil.

I love them 🤩 also I love your packaging and how the logo is raised a bit it comes across as very luxe & high end 🤩🤩


Our family is very pleased with the oils.

The kids have been using the lavender and tea tree as a spray for their hair every day. Their hair is softer and my oldest suffers from dandruff and we have seen a significant improvement with the scalp.

We have been diffusing daily either a mix of tea tree and lavender or just the lavender on its own. I have also made a bedtime linen spray which I spray my pillow with before bed. It’s dreamy!


I was super excited to first try essential oils from a company that is owned locally.

When I got the product, they did not disappoint. The oils compare in quality to the larger brands.

However, they come in large containers at a better price. Can’t go wrong with that! Looking forward to new oils coming out!


The scents offered by Zen Essentials are so refreshing and a great way to cleanse any room. Perfect for when you go to sleep, while studying for finals, or just to relax. My personal favourite Is the lavendar for bed time, super calming and a perfect scent to fall asleep to. As for the packaging, the nozzle on the bottle makes it super easy to get drops out and into your diffuser. And what’s even better is that they’re a locally owned business! :)


Hi! I really love your essential oils. The scents are very nice and refreshing! I’ve used them all and like each of them. I really like the lavender one at night because it helps me fall asleep! You have great products 😊


So far I used the lavender in my diffuser and I absolutely loved it! Obsessed!! The next thing I wanna do is add the eucalyptus in my bath or maybe even add it to some of my body soaps!! So far, sooo amazing!